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Sawtoothed & Merchant Grain Beetles

Characteristics The sawtoothed and merchant grain beetles are small, long, flattened beetles about 1/10 inch (2.5 mm) in length. These two dark brown beetles are essentially […]

Red-Legged Ham Beetle

Red-Legged Ham Beetle The red legged ham beetle is an easily recognized beetle due to its coloration. It is an oblong-shaped beetle with the head and […]

Lesser Grain Borer & Larger Grain Borer

Damage Damaged kernels are the ones most frequently attacked by these beetles, however, the grain borers are capable of invading undamaged grain. Lesser grain borers also […]

Foreign Grain Beetle

Foreign Grain Beetle The foreign grain beetle, Ahasverus advena, is a small and flattened beetle about 1/12 inch (2mm) long. It is reddish brown and has […]

Dried Fruit Beetle

Dried Fruit Beetle The dried fruit beetle is a small, flat oval-shaped beetle about 1/8 inch (4 mm) in length that is dark brown to black […]

Carpet Beetle

Carpet Beetle Anthrenus flavipes, are slightly larger and rounder than the varied carpet beetle adult. Coloration and markings of the adult are highly variable, but they […]