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Bentz Jaz started its journey since the year of 1997 in Singapore with the objective in servicing the Professional Pest Management industry via supplying the supreme quality chemical and equipment. Up to date, Bentz Jaz has extended the business to 5 countries located in Asia and Southeast Asia, namely Singapore, Thailand, China, Myanmar and Indonesia. Besides that, Bentz Jaz also play role as working partner with various companies from Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and others.

Dear Our Supplier


Bentz Jaz is believe in and appreciate the relationship and bonding between us and our business partner, which make Bentz Jaz as what we are today and capable continue to grow in future. A quality and tested product is always the main criteria and will be engraved on our customer mind with innovative marketing strategy. In summary, Bentz Jaz positioned as the extended arm of various well-known and respectful manufacturers/ suppliers.

Dear Our Clients


Bentz Jaz will keep the promise in continuously upgrading and sharing more info and knowledge from time to time with our solution partner (PCO) to have the enhanced integrated pest management implement substantially. This will be the combination of the multiple efforts including pest identification support, educational seminar sharing, site visit support, interactive knowledge discussion, effective marketing campaign, difficult case study, new solution/ product searching and others. All this summarized in a simple conclusion: You are our most valued partner, works towards the professional way of pest management.