Relief AMO


  1. Unique polymer matrix
  2. Bright colour
  3. 100% water soluble
  4. Adhere to base (Do not get flushed away)
  5. Easy application
  6. For water surface suffocation



  1. Ready to use (without the need of equipment)
  2. Easy to identify and top up
  3. Controllable release
  4. Target on non-aquatic water source and non chemical sensitive area
  5. Minimize the oil spillage and safe for usage and easy for storage
Product category:
Target pest(s):
Active IngredientLight distillate fuel, hydrocarbon solvent and surfactants
Capacity / Size15 gm per block
12 blocks per pack
ManufacturerBentz Jaz Singapore
Dilution rate areaContinuous treatment up to 30 days
Application rate area [ml/m2]1 block / 100 l of water
1 block / 1.5m2