A50 AZ1


  1. Constant spray characteristics
  2. Large fill opening with integral fine-mesh filter
  3. High quality mountings
  4. Rugged, long-life pump
  5. Separate drainage opening
  6. A wide range of accessories
  7. Mounting plate
  8. Intelligent pressure control
  9. Continously adjustable operating pressure
  10. Energy efficient due to eectronic control



  1. Zero emission, quiet and environmentallly friendly
  2. Robust wheels with locking brake
  3. 10 m hose, large application radius
  4. Extensive scope of delivery with 3 nozzle configurations for different functions.
  5. Built-in mixing function
  6. Operated via fast rechargeable battery
  7. Able to adjust from 0-10bar within a click
FeaturesFlow rate: 4l/min
Pressure: 1-10 bar
Li-ion battery
Constant spray
Rechargeable battery lasts 4-14.5 hours
Energy efficient
Filling capacity" 50l
Capacity / Size50l